From my AI Workbench

From my AI Workbench

Hey y'all 👋 thank you so much for visiting, an independent publication by me, Ken Collins. Since early 2023, I've been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to apply my strategic, technical, and product skills using new AI capabilities to transform business and product teams. Here, we'll explore how AI can drive growth and innovation. There is no data science or machine learning here. Instead, we focus on practical AI applications that solve real-world problems and provide industry analysts and practitioners with actionable insights.

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Need a hand with ideation? Planning? Maybe a feasibility check before you dive deep? Or perhaps, you're looking to hone your business strategy or unlock broad team capabilities using AI? Excited to hear from you, learn from your experiences, and help guide you through the fascinating world of AI. Let’s make it happen.

One-on-One - Ken Collins
Ideation & Planning Feasibility Assessments Business Strategy Education & Coaching AI Enablement
  • Ideation & Planning - Creative & agile roadmaps that make sense.
  • Feasibility Assessments - Objective analysis with current market trends.
  • Business Strategy - Decades of cross-industry experience & insights.
  • Education & Coaching - Shared mental models for situational leadership.
  • AI Enablement - From a ML-Focused to AI-Enabled teams.


Gihad Jawhar CTO @CustomInk - Ken has played a pivotal role in our cloud adoption and later spearheaded a transformative AI strategy, demonstrating exceptional ability to integrate technical expertise for our product & business.

Massimo Re Ferrè Director, NextGen PM @AWS - Ken's expertise and hands-on experience in GenAI has profoundly enhanced my grasp of this new technology. His enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing and his success in using LLMs in practical applications have been enlightening and crucial in forming my views.


AWS Lambda & Serverless Hero Ken Collins

AWS Serverless Hero @2020 by AWS - Recognized for exceptional innovation and leadership in the serverless community. Focusing on application integration and agility, Lamby for Rails on Lambda, and newer agentic AI architectures using Lambda & Bedrock.

Innovation Juggernaut @2019 by Custom Ink - Diverse innovations have collectively boosted annual revenue by over $2 million, enhancing UX & Op. efficiency.

You Can Teach an Old Design Lab New Tricks! @2016 by Custom Ink - Retrofit of Custom Ink's Design Lab for mobile. Boosted conversions by 35% with a 20% rise in orders. Major pivot for the company’s digital evolution.

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